Robotic device helps get users on the right path


As a former airline pilot, Matt Falese logged many hours in simulation devices and situations. That’s part of the attraction for his interest in – and eventual purchase of – a RoboGolfPro that’s set up in his SoCal Golf Lessons studio in Irvine.

The RoboGolfPro, or a robot as it’s commonly known, takes players through the ideal swing for their ability and physique. Users simply hold onto the grip-like handle while the robot takes them through a full swing. If a player reverts to an old habit, such as swinging over the top, the robot resists and forces them to follow each component of the swing that’s been programmed for their game.

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This robotic training machine fits his golf game to a T

Article By Chris Erskine

Golf is my opposite sex … my femme fatale, the one sport that got away. Of all the ways to torture yourself, right? I find it about as joyous as a kidney stone.

Seriously, I could shank a putt.

How can so many total tools excel at golf while I flail about? The ball just sits there on the tee. It doesn’t move. No opponent is shoving his hands in your face, or coming in cleats up. The ball just sits there. It has dimples. It probably worships Katy Perry.

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Extreme Improvement: Want To Get Good Fast?

Extreme lessons are only for those willing to suffer a bit

Matthew Rudy

Walk on most practice tees today and the random lesson being given won’t look much different from one you might have seen in 1970 or 1990. The teacher might be using a camera—or an iPhone—to record some video, but other than that, the paradigm is remarkably similar to how players took lessons when they were swinging woods that were actually made of wood.

Shaun Webb is giving Robert Hall a different kind of lesson.

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