George HenryIMG_2851

From an early age George’s future was clear, George’s father was a golf professional and his mother an excellent amateur player.

In 2011 George opened OC Indoor Golf fulfilling a lifetime dream of having a studio full of high tech technology. Now the partnership of RoboGolfPro™ with OC Indoor Golf has created what George believes is the “ultimate learning experience”. George is a PGA Teaching Professional as well as a Certified RoboGolfPro™ Instructor.

Matt FaleseIMG_2855

SoCalGolf Lessons powered by RoboGolfPro™ is owned and operated by Matt Falese. SoCalGolf Lessons is located at the OC Indoor Golf facility on Von Karman in Irvine. Matt has been playing golf for over 40 years and is a long time student of the game, having received golf instruction from some of the greats, Dr. Jim Suttie and David Leadbetter. Matt is currently a 0 handicap amateur golfer.